Richard Arms Feeny

Richard is a freelance coach, consultant, and captain: Youth National coach since 2013, Education Director at the New Bedford Community Boating Center, 100 ton Captain.

What is your coaching style?
Relentlessly positive, playful, and creative. I coach the athlete as a whole person, de-emphasizing the competitive battles today, while emphasizing the old-fashioned virtues such as sportsmanship, teamwork, dedication, and delayed gratification.

What classes of boat have you coached?
International 420 (2 World Championships), Tornado catamarans, Collegiate (Brown University from 1996-1999), Lasers, 29ers, Lightnings, Extreme 40 catamarans, Optimists, Formula 16 catamarans, Solings…

Who were some of the coaches that you learned from growing up sailing and as you got into coaching?
Brad Dellenbaugh, Dave Perry, Martin Hartmannis, Peter McChesney, Jim Scarpulla, Zack Leonard, Ed Baird

What are a couple of the most important aspects of sailing and coaching you learned from them?
Your reputation precedes you! Practice how you race.

Kieler WochePast Projects Here

Try It Out Clinics

Cruising and Seamanship

Bracken Gardner crewing for me at Ithaca Yacht Club, circa 1982.

What type of sailing do you do when you are not coaching?
Cruising and ocean racing…I love racing classic wooden boats, long distance ocean racing and cruising, and I once lived in Maui where I learned to ride a sailboard on the North Shore waves. 

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2 thoughts on “Richard Arms Feeny

  1. Dear Mr. Feeny,
    I would like to find out more about your clinics and coaching. My number is 516 767-2042 (home) and 917 597-2566 (cell)
    Best regards, Mariann Simms

  2. I feel like sailing again. Thanks for an inspiration! I have been into boating for almost 15 years but due to the pandemic I had to sell all my boats. I own a web directory about boating and would be happy to share your article. Would you mind if I do that? Thanks!

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