Miami Try It Out Follow Up


The 29er class website is active ( — including used boats).  Meanwhile, the Florida 29er fleet is training regularly from the US Sailing Center Miami and would like more boats. Next event is in MiamiApril 3-4, Friday and Saturday this week, “Midwinters East”.  Leandro has spots reserved for girls in the boats you sailed.

The Miami group has practice every Sunday and will be hosting one of their regular “After Opti” clinics the third weekend of May.

Good contacts in Miami are Carol Ewing at, and Leandro Spina at, Please contact me for Northeast activity later this year.

Dealer is Zim.


Very active season begins May 23rd in the Northeast. The most active fleet is LISOT, based out of the New York, Long Island Sound area. Steve Keene is the contact.

Second most active fleet is in Texas, based around Houston. Sarah Lihan at Texas Corinthian Yacht Club is a good contact

The boat you sailed is Wade Waddell’s (

Dealer is:


Two-time Olympic medalist Charlie McKee, now the High Performance Director for the US Olympic sailing program, sees windsurfing in classes, such as the Techno and the Kona, as an essential step for learning to sail.“It’s the most organic way of sailing and teaches great skills like balance, agility, and feel for speed, which are all skills that can be transferred to any boat if desired,” he says. “Plus, it’s fun and affordable.” From Sailing World March/April 2015 pg. 46

The Techno 293 class is the One-Design youth class, with a great scene based out of Miami Yacht Club. Contact me for more information about their training schedule and program.

A hotspot and great training center is Calema Windsurfing near Cocoa Beach. Tinho will take care of you and he’s a great teacher.


The Formula 16 catamaran has been used to select our youth worlds team the past two years.  The class is not very active, but will have a fleet at Youth Champs.

Matt McDonald is a contact for boats.

And Zim has them also.

Multiclass events are popular with catamarans, as are distance races.  Here are some Florida distance races. Email me for help with logistics for these.

Information about the Olympic Development Program of US Sailing is here:

See you on the water.


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