Culture of Excellence

Why does Olympic development matter?

  1. It provides a pathway for young talent. While not everyone’s cup of tea, this path is rewarding for some individuals, and inspirational to a larger group.
  2. Successful Olympic development yields sustainable Olympic success.
  3. The USA is a sailing nation and it should matter how we do on the international stage.
  4. The path to pro sailing often goes through the Olympics.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What is your role in the Olympic Pipeline, dear reader?

  1. Embrace High Performance Sailing
  2. Add Olympic development boats
  3. Host regional training camps
  4. Host US Youth Championships
  5. Educate about Olympic Pathways


The US Sailing Team has a Youth Development Program that embraces a culture of excellence. For young sailors dreaming about the Olympics, or some other lofty goal this means the dream starts now. Dream big in the development phase of your learning.

How do you get better quickly?
Take opportunities near home. Skipper and crew. For many sailors the multi-class approach will work well. There is not 1 pathway!

After a Try It Out clinic you might pursue local opportunities, then national competition, then pair up with a talented friend. Seek advice on how to transition, set goals, schedules, logistics, fitness.

The culture of excellence is good.

Published by Feenysail

Richard Feeny is a sailor, educator, adventurer. He lives in Bristol, Rhode Island with his wife Mary. He is a national and world champion sailor. He is as a freelance sailing coach, captain, and consultant.

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