Winter Reading List

High Performance Sailing by Frank Bethwaite

Fast Handling Technique by Frank Bethwaite

Bethwaite designed the 29er. His writing is dense, but enjoyable.

2007-11-26 11.41.56-5

The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey

A short primer on sports Psychology.

Cayard Notes

Mental Imagery




Winter Video List

4 Excellent Videos from Willie McBride

2Niner Skiff Academy

FeenySail YouTube Channel

Fife Regatta 2003
The Lady Anne, a 15 metre (95′) Gaff Cutter built in 1912 under the peaks of Arran. This the largest gathering of classic yachts designed by William Fife returned to their birth place on the Clyde to participate in the 2nd Fife Regatta. 22 Yachts from around the world participated in the event which honoured the skills of Yacht Designer Wm Fife, and his yard in Fairlie, Scotland. FAO Picture Desk Marc Turner / PFM Pictures

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Richard Feeny is a sailor, educator, adventurer. He lives in Bristol, Rhode Island with his wife Mary. He is a national and world champion sailor. He is as a freelance sailing coach, captain, and consultant.

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